17 March 2017

Mingling from 8:00 AM
Starting at 8:30 AM
Finishing by 4:00 PM

Pacific Hotel Cairns

Pacific Conferences and Events


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Investment Includes:

  • 12 expert presenters
  • 7+ hours of learning & entertainment
  • Caffeine to keep you going
  • Morning tea
  • The best conference lunch you've ever had
  • Networking with fellow business owners
  • Opportunities to chat with the presenters
  • Giveaways from all presenters

We have a unique opportunity to build not just future-proofed but future-leading businesses, and to do that, we need new skills; calculated changes; and a bold path forward.

Small Biz Big Future is a one day event designed to help small business owners get focused, energised and prepared for the opportunities as we hurtle towards 2020. A hand-picked group of twelve Cairns-based leading business owners and small business experts are going to share their stories, ideas and advice in bite-sized, power-packed presentations throughout the day. Their topics are relevant, diverse, and 100% practical.

Each presenter will share 3 practical strategies that you can take away and implement in your business right away. This means that at the end of the day, you will leave with 36 very specific recommendations, ideas, strategies and actionable pieces of advice that will help make your business as successful as it can be now and in the coming years.

Take a moment now to check out the line up of speakers and their topics, think about how valuable this could be to your business, and choose to invest just one day of this year at Small Biz Big Future. Register Now


Andrea Jackson Andrea Jackson

The most essential business resource you may not know you have

When business challenges arise, there is one resource that you can always draw upon.

Andrea Tunjic Andrea Tunjic

I dare you to be happy at work

How to be happy at work when everyone else is miserable.

Deb Johnstone Deb Johnstone

Why Authenticity Counts

How being true to yourself in your business affects your results.

Donna Patane Donna Patane

Don't Bring a Sword to a Gun Fight

When it comes to your brand, check your inventory, maximise your firepower and bring out the big guns.

Emma Miller Emma Miller

Stress Response

Stress isn't a decision but how you deal with it is.

Kaj Haffenden Kaj Haffenden

Future-Focused Business

Simply futureproofing your business isn't good enough. Today, you can build the innovative and market-leading company you want. Embrace this opportunity to reinvent, not just survive.

Leisel Pisani Leisel Pisani

How Emotions Affect Purchasing

How to understand, identify and use the emotional drive your customers have when buying your product.

Nicky Jurd Nicky Jurd

Drink From a Firehose

Dramatically increase the leads coming in to your business by tweaking a few small things that don't cost any money.

Paul Furse Paul Furse

Domesticating your Inner Control Freak

Delegation is the key to driving the revenue of your business.

Sam Harrop Sam Harrop

Why Competing On Price Sucks & What To Do About It

In my presentation I will share three ways you can create more value, so you don’t need to compete on price, you can make more money and have delighted customers.

Sam Harrop Dr Tyson E Franklin

It’s No Secret... There’s Money In Small Business

Locked inside every small business is a bucketload of money. Let me show you where the keys are hidden to unlock the wealth.

Vanessa Allen Vanessa Allen

Why Women are Awesome

Women make over 80% of all consumer purchase decision. Learn how to tap into this lucrative (and loyal) market.


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This event has limited availability and sells out each year. Book today to secure your spot!

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Here’s what the day is going to look like.

Time Session
8:00 AM Mingling
Coffee & Tea
Registrations Open
9:00 AM Presenters 1–4
10:30 AM Morning Tea
11:00 AM Presenters 5–8
12:30 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Presenters 9–12
3:00 PM Giveaways
Closing Remarks
3:30 PM Programme Close
Chat With The Presenters

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Getting There

SBBF 2017 is being held at the Pacific Hotel Cairns situated at 43 The Esplanade, Cairns.
Look for the “Small Biz Big Future” sign in the foyer.




I'm Kaj Haffenden, the organiser of SBBF 2017.

If you have any questions about the event, please drop me an email! I can be reached at email/kaj)(

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